Malcolm After the Nation of Islam

Malcolm’s reasoning for leaving the Nation of Islam shaped his ideologies even to the day of his death. A reason for Malcolm’s departure from the Nation of Islam was actually his intention to collaborate with other civil rights leaders. Thus, he was moving more and more towards the idea of peace with white Americans rather than outright segregation.

Malcolm had also taken it upon himself to encourage the ideology of Pan-Africanism, and in his establishment of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, he adopted the phrase, “by any means necessary”, to encourage the gaining of universal rights of African Americans no matter what it took (even, as Malcolm implied in contrast to the nonviolent ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr, if it took an element of violence). Shabazz’s pilgrimage to Mecca was also a huge change for his ideology. He had chosen to undertake this pilgrimage due to his recent conversion to the Sunni Islamic faith.  During his pilgrimage, Shabazz saw a variety of Muslims of all racial backgrounds, which encouraged his adoption of a more integrational view of racial solution.