Religious Experience

“Every nation, every human being that came across earth had a song and sang in some way to their God.”

-Thomas Andrew Dorsey

Thomas Andrew Dorsey was first introduced to religion by both of his parents. His father was a pastor of a congregation before becoming a sharecropper later due to financial issues in the family (PBS). Etta, Dorsey’s mother, was the real basis of Dorsey’s religious education. No one would be able to eat dinner until the Bible was read. The family would make their way through the whole bible each year (Harris, 18). She worked hard to make sure Dorsey grew up to be “a good Christian man (Harris, 18).”   His first introduction to music also happened to be through the church as well.

When Dorsey’s moved to Atlanta that is when the Dorsey started to take a break from his faith which continued through his move to Chicago. Dorsey came back to the church when he started going through fits of depression which got even worse after the death of his wife and son. Coming back to the church then helped increase his faith and helped with handling his depression. Coming back to the church also was tied to him beginning to write more religious music as well which furthered his career. Dorsey stayed strong with his faith and the church for the rest of his life.

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