Black Theology

James H. Come starts off by discussing the important role that black theology has had in the liberation of African American, and that it was something that was created out of necessity because white Christian theology was not invested in the rights of African Americans. Yet, still with the ever changing social situations it is important for churches to alway be aware and engaged with the current political climate. Come, I believe rightly so, makes the argument that it is not possible to discuss the issue of racial oppression without addressing the other systems and institutions of power the lead to that hierarchy. Racial oppression, national issues, and economic issues are all part of the same web. Racism and capitalism are the systems that are codependent on one another. That is not to say that simply one is the result of the other, but rather that each one helps uphold the other. One can not discuss the issues of capitalism without discussing systemic racism, and one can discuss systemic racism without discussing the issues of capitalism.

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