Childhood and Early Life


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Nat Turner was born into slavery on October 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Virginia. He was born on a plantation in Virginia owned by Benjamin Turner. Nat Turner was given the surname of Turner because that was the last name of his plantation owner, Benjamin Turner.¬† He was taught how to read, how to write, and religion from Benjamin Turner’s son. Nat Turner’s mother’s name was Nancy and his father was unknown. During his childhood, Nat Turner had a gift of describing things that happened before he was born. Nat Turner’s mother, Nancy and his grandmother believed he was chosen by God to lead the slaves out of slavery. Over the years, Nat Turner was the slaveowner of Benjamin Turner, until he died in 1810. Since Benjamin Turner died, his older son Samuel Turner met became Nat Turner’s new plantation owner. In 1820, Nat Turner met a woman named Cherry Turner and they got married. Nat Turner and Cherry Turner believe to have one child and his name was Riddick Turner. In 1822, Nat Turner’s second owner, Samuel Turner died. When Samuel Turner died, Nat Turner and his wife Cherry Turner were¬†split up. Nat Turner was sold to another plantation owner named Thomas Moore and his wife Cherry Turner was sold to an owner named Giles Reese.


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Nat Turner and his wife Cherry and their one child Riddick.