Malcolm X’s Overall Involvement and Shape on the Nation of Islam

Malcolm’s involvement within the Nation of Islam was fraught with internal disagreements at times, however, it is undeniable that without his influence the group would have likely seen much less exposure. A brilliant orator with a charming personality, Malcolm may have singlehandedly increased the population of members of the group by tens of thousands. Even without the effective recruitment he showed, Malcolm’s influence is easily seen within the hearts and minds of the leaders of the Nation. Even Warith Muhammad easily acknowledged Malcolm as his mentor, no small statement from the son of former leader Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm’s interactions with leaders from Elijah Muhammad to Louis Farrakhan made his influence undeniable; unfortunately, it also made his demise inevitable, as a figure both watched by the FBI and one arguably larger than the Nation itself. Though Malcolm’s existence was not truly a part of the Nation’s creation, Malcolm’s destruction wrought the same fate upon the Nation itself.