Over the course of 122 years, St. Thomas Baptist Church has had eight pastors and is currently with the ninth.

The first official pastor was C. H. Phillips. Dr. Phillips came to Saint Thomas in 1896. Before that, he was a pastor at several Methodist churches. When he arrived at Saint Thomas, he gave the church its new name Saint Thomas Baptist Sunday School.

Reverend O. C. Smith succeeded Dr. Phillips in 1897. Smith helped build the church and get it off the ground. He only helped the church. He was never a pastor there.

Reverend E. C. Thompson was the second pastor and only served there for a year.

Next was Rev. C. W. Berkley. He was elected as pastor in 1909. He served 19 years there.

In 1928, Rev. E. E. Robinson was the pastor. A fire had destroyed the original building during his leadership. On June 11, 1950, the church was rebuilt and a cornerstone was laid out for the new building.

Rev. C. C. Dickerson was called to be the pastor in 1953. And then, Wilmer Gaines took his position after a four-year term. In 1969 Ernest Mos took over and resigned in 1986. After he resigned, ministers from other churches conducted the worship services for three years, until Walter Cavanaugh was elected pastor in 1989.

The church grew with “great spiritual strides” under the leadership of Cavanaugh. The worship services went from once a month to being held on the first and second Sundays a month. In the last two months of his pastorate, he requested for Sharon Roberts to begin her tenure. Upon his retirement, she was the pastor-elect. On April 24, 2005, she was ordained and became the ninth pastor of Saint Thomas.

The church experienced another shift of services. They had a worship service every Sunday and had Sunday School for children and adults. A teaching moment is provided during the morning service. Bible Studies are held twice a week. The music ministries now have a youth choir, women’s choir, men’s choir, sanctuary choir, and an inspirational choir. In 2005, Gloria Coles received her license to preach the gospel.