Where DO we go from here?

The Sernett readings from Cone and Jones were greatly inspiring to me. Both authors reiterate the importance of economic development within black church communities as significant for gaining political agency for African Americans. They are concerned for the future, particularly in regards to the role and further involvement of youths in the church community. Arguing that following¬†¬†the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, the strength of church communities began to wane. There is a clear call for modernization within the church; Jones calls for churches to become “bilingual: it must understand the language of the world and translate the gospel into the idioms and symbols of that language” (585-6). Although church community strength has decreased, Jones is especially hopeful for the future due to the demands of young people for education and expanded leadership opportunities, however, he states “the most significant development in recent years has been an increasing awareness among blacks not affiliated with the churches that religious institutions are as critical to the survival of Afro-Americans in the present as they have been in the past” (588).

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