African Diaspora

African Diaspora was an interesting excerpt to read and I learned a few things from this reading. There were times where I struggled to understand the concepts of certain parts of the reading. Sometimes I would have to go back over sections and analyze the text to make sure that I was grasping the ideas that the author was trying to express. One section that really stood out to me was the African Religious Traditions. I was both intrigued and confused by this particular section. Reading about the ¬†Portuguese-African children who were the very few Africans that were “converted” from Islam to Christianity was interesting. One thing that confused me was the time line of the next portion of this section. The author talks about the small success Portuguese missionaries had with converting West Africans during 1682. Then the author states that Christianity became widespread among Africans more so enslaved Africans around the nineteenth century. However I thought that the Atlantic slave trade began around the 1600’s so I did some research and found this website. It was a very detailed website that offered a lot of information about the Atlantic slave trade.

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