Chappell giving me McClurkin vibes

While reading Chappell’s works, Johnnie Carr reminds me of what my mother’s idea of a “model Christian” would be. Carr’s constant faith and thankfulness for the Lord is what I feel should be emphasized in every Christian church, no matter the detonation. The entire idea of Christianity roots back to the grade of God more than anything else. Carr wanted her actions to be portrayed as God’s doing not her. Meaning that her faithfulness is what better her situations. As I was reading, my brain was playing various songs by the Gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. When I was younger, my mother only played gospel music. It’s the underlying factor my religious foundation, and I did not realize that until this reading. My only connections to Christianity are through music. Inspired by Chappell, I have one of my favorite gospel songs on repeat.

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