One of the most interesting things that I read this week was the records that were the accounts of Francis Le Jau. It was interesting to read because in some ways he would he would go and try to understand both sides of how slavery and religion were dependent upon each other. One of the weirdest things to grasps in my mind was how some slaves had come over to plantations already having some fundamental aspects of Christianity prior coming to the States because of the Spanish who had come to European lands beforehand. It struck me as odd that Native Americans had to go through  similar situation. Despite what the history books record, there were Native Americans that converted of their own free will. It just surprised me to learn this because we are very much taught the “white-person” perspective in school. Jeu struggles himself with feeling for the African Americans he works to convert and that he has,” Seen very Severe Judgments.” (Sernett, 32). Slave owners had a tendency to dismiss whatever religious grounds African Americans/Native Americans had already had for themselves.

Anyway, there are my random thoughts for the day.

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