Goal Setting

I found the Wallace D. Muhammad chapter this week to be interesting, mainly because of the attitude regarding progress, goal setting, and conversion. Wallace D. Muhammad speaks several times of setting goals, with notes such as “His first aim was to get us firmly grounded in reality…” and “Master Fard told the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to get the people to come into the temple at any cost.” (Sernett 504). He also mentions steps to reach a final goal, saying “Revolution is not the final object or the final aim of his great work, revolution is a means for reaching the final object.” and “The emphasis has to be taken off of revolution and put on objectives and aims one day.” (Sernett 506).


I found this passage interesting because it reminded me heavily of a lesson I was taught in training for my job. We were discussing goal setting, and the steps to creating an efficient goal. We were told about the ‘SMART’ method, in which goals are structured to be reachable and precise. This passage made me think of goal setting primarily in a visualization sense, particularly when Wallace D. Muhammad spoke of ideals and pictures that were spoken of, such as “He said to tell us that there was real gold over there.” and “He said that we would get money, good homes, and friendship.” (Sernett 502). It then brought to mind the ‘SMART’ goal-setting method because of the sequential aspect of the progress discussed in the chapter. It seemed to be spoken of in a step-by-step idea, where the overarching goal was divided into smaller, more reachable goals such as welcoming more people. I found this particularly interesting, as it seems to be a very realistic and practical mindset. I remember in the early readings this semester, such as the Francis Le Jau reading, many writers spoke of various efforts made to convert and welcome more and more people to their church. Each strove to accomplish this goal in various ways, but few seemed to take the same step-by-step approach as Wallace D. Muhammad.


S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Goal Setting for Champions

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