Jarena Lee: Psychotic or nah?

The story of Jarena Lee seems so familiar to me. I feel that every preacher or minister has a story that is very similar. Her journey sounds a bit psychotic, but I do not think it is. As a firm believer, I think that it was the Lord’s way of guiding her where she needed to be. One must go through trials to see the wonders of God. Also, those trials were in place to test her faith. She had to be knocked down to be picked back up as a strong believer. Her experiences are what crafted her into a better preacher. She’s literally been through hell, therefore, making herself a living testimony. This can help her creditability within the ministry. Members like to relate to leaders’ struggles. It makes her words more powerful because she’s been through so much but still rejoicing in the name of Jesus because she knows His power.

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