Kickass Feminism.

Thanks to the reading for this week, I have acquired a new best friend. To loosely quote Dr. Mathews, Martha Stewart’s farewell address is, “Feminist as fu*k.” Within the first page of Stewart’s address, she makes a valid point that many preachers miss, or choose to willingly omit. One of the first followers of Jesus was a w o m a n. And in this address, we call her Mary Magdalene. Fun fact, this Mary was known for particular extra circular actives.. I think that Stewart is able to kill two birds with one stone by doing this. One, she’s pointing out the insanity of not letting women preach, and two, she is vastly breaking socialite constricts for women at that time. Mary was very religious, but didn’t have the best moral standards for the time, but hey, Jesus chilled with her anyways. Stewart goes on further to site history. In religions across the world, it was the women in societies that were gifted with prophecy and magical powers, not the men. Stewart also attest that her darker skin does nothing to hinder her in being religiously educated. “Religion is the most glorious theme that mortals can converse upon” (pg. 208). Religion, in this sense, has helped mankind to expand their intelligence. Through Stewart’s address, I believe that she stands her grounds on the fact that religion, is one of the ways which women never have to worry being inferior to men in.

Ps. Reading this made me think of BeyoncĂ© – Run the World (Girls), so enjoy.

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