Marcus Garvey

In my opinion, I really like and I definitely have some respect for Marcus Garvey. As a kid and finally, when he became a man, he was learning about his African American race. Marcus started to figure out how black people were being treated over the world. He found out black people were being treated unfairly over the world and he did not find like that at all. I had mad respect for Marcus Garvey because he really wanted black people to be treated fairly and to be admired and appreciated. For him to get black people treated equally and respected more, he created the Universal Negro Improvement Association, so they can create their own country of black people and their own country of black people with their own black government. Marcus Garvey was a well-respected leader for that organization. He strived for African Americans to be equal and he is a person I definitely have respect for because of his bravery to fight for black people being treated fairly over the world.

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