MLK; Too Good, Too Pure For The World.

All of us went through most of our middle school and high school years having heard of the legend that has become Martin Luther King Jr. Fun fact, as the reading of Harvey had indicated, King did come from a line of preaches in his family, based on an essay that I had to write a couple of years ago, Luther in King’s name was actually a direct link to the first Martian Luther. One thing that I very much enjoyed about this weeks reading was getting to read Dr. King’s letter from jail, which is where the infamous quote,“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”, which I personally had no idea came from that letter. Also, I found surprising the reading had mentioned that at the start of career, Dr. King was hesitant to fully accept the stance of nonviolence because many at the time owned guns, and Dr. King feared for the safety of himself and his family members. To me, this reading was still somewhat heavy to get through. For personally, I find it very hard when children become targets in things they may not understood or even been aware at the time. Also, I continue to hold respect for Dr. King, because although it was not mentioned in the readings, apart from death-threats over the phone, there was also a famous incident where a cross was set out on King’s lawn, and set on fire, which really troubled me. Had I ever been forced to walk a mile in his shoes, I do not think I would be able to be so composed as much as King was during those times. I’m glad that sermon had from Dr. King, was for once, not “I Have A Dream.” The Civil Rights Movement, had much more then meets the eye, and to me, I find this time in history will have a dark shadow, however, I think movement truly was the beginning for true change throughout the world. Without this movement, I believe the world we know today would have never existed.

Ps. Because some of these readings me sad, I will share something that always makes me laugh that feature two prominent individuals we discussed in the readings for this week. Ah, YouTube.


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