My Problem with Drew Ali’s Idea

The idea that Black Muslims are normal because it can be inferred that Africans were Asians that dissipated in the sun for generations makes me wonder. If we are going that far back, then we can hold up the idea that everyone is technically African because that is where the first human emerged from. I think the idea of Africans historically being Islamic is accurate. The problem I have is the idea that it seems as if “Black Muslims” are only accounted for because of that reason. People should be allowed to practice whatever religion they want regardless of skin color, and I feel like the idea as a whole is just a justification of why it’s “okay” for Blacks to be Muslims. That’s just my discrepancy with Drew Ali’s majority idea that Eli Muhammad believed in. Maybe I’ve been reading too much into it and that is why I feel so strongly. On another note, prior to Curtis’ essay, I thought that Black Islam started with W.D. Fard. I thought that he created the entire movement. I thought he was the conductor of Islam within the Black community in the US. I wish Curtis went into more detail about Fard. His role was a lot more vital in this topic than the three lines he was allotted.

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