Plantation Churches

I found this narrative very interesting. While reading this section, I continually thought about the book Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County¬† by Kristen Green and I began comparing the two. In Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County, community leaders went to extreme lengths to fight integration. These leaders went as far as shutting down the public schools in the area and creating all white private schools to avoid integration anywhere in Prince Edward county. This portion of that book came to mind while I was reading the story of how one church pastor began working with a slave owner to preach the “gospel” to slaves. This pastor would tell slaves that the Devil was giving them the urge to run away and that remaining obedient and loyal to their owner would keep them in God’s graces. The ending of this narrative stood out to me as well. Reading about how slaves praying and/or calling out to God was prohibited but dancing and playing music was allowed and tolerated peaked my interests. I am strongly considering doing some outside research about this topic.

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