Rabbi Matthew

Growing up with a very religious family who went to church every Sunday I felt as if it was something I had to do. However, I’m starting to really appreciate my religion and understand it in my own way. With that being said after reading this chapter I realized within the first couple sentences how accurate everything that Rabbi Matthew was saying. It never dawned on me that nowhere in the Bible does it really ever indicate what race the people were. Rabbi Matthew decides to list all the men in the Bible starting with Adam and he points out that when God to decided to make man he did just that not once ever considering color. If the Bible was such a huge guide for our nation during slavery I sometimes wonder how we became so obsessed with color when it clearly makes no reference towards it in there. People often are misguided in life and it’s their preachers job to keep them on track. However, there are often times when preachers are misguided as well or they just chose to preach what they want and not follow God’s orders on how to lead their flock. In my opinion, this is why teaching and preaching are major components of religion. But just because you claim to be apart of a religion that doesn’t mean you are religious and just because you claim to be religious that doesn’t mean you know about your religion.

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