Religious Ties

As I was reading chapter 39 of Sernett’s African American Religious History, I made some real life connections that I still observe today. The main point that the letters between the two sisters prove is that African Americans remained loyal to their denominations as they migrated north of the United States. Despite constant enticement from northern churches, many black migrants wouldn’t be members of a church if it didn’t follow the core values that were exemplified in their previous church. In today’s era, there are still many instances of that. When my grandmother moved to Chesapeake, Virginia in her younger years, she participated in local services held in her neighbor’s home before she found a church that was right for her, just like many migrants did in years past.


The link below provides extensive information on the religious diffusion as the Great Migration took place:;jsessionid=f8301870541509384034151?migration=8&bhcp=1



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