Tongue Speaking

While all the readings this week were interesting I wanted to bring up the Bishop C.H. Mason Church of God in Christ, specifically the topic of tongue speaking. I guess I’m still a bit shaky on what tongue speaking exactly means. From what I understand tongue speaking is a personal dialogue between a person and god. While to some extent I understand why Mason felt it was so important for people to have that sort of experience as it meant the congregation was filled with people who had made a deep commitment to god and were unlikely to break that connection. The thing that really confused me about it though is that if everyone in that congregation had that personal contact with god then wouldn’t the congregation be a bit pointless? Why would people go to a congregation to talk about what god wants when they could communicate with god themselves? Or were these experiences only so people of the congregation could go and convert more people, growing the church but leaving behind any sense of unity within it?

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