10/31 New Perspective on the Great Migration

Prior to reading the sources from Sernett for this week, I hadn’t contemplated how the Great Migration would effect northern African American church communities. I was most interested in the source “Address on the Great Migration” delivered at the African Methodist Episcopal Council of Bishops. One of the most significant parts to this reading was the author’s word choice in delivering this address. Although it is clear that this church and its leaders still want the best for their black brothers and sisters moving to the north for the chance of better opportunities, a slightly negative feeling is conveyed by Benjamin F. Lee. The statement that particularly stood out to me was “whatever may be the cause or causes of the exodus, the fact remains the same, that the sudden change, both as it relates to climatic and customs, will be accompanied by problems varied and serious” (361). While problems are unavoidable, the language used here doesn’t seem to take into consideration that a larger population size of African Americans could lead to a growing feeling of agency in regard to northern white populations.

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