Holy Moly and WORK!

A Litany of Atlanta by DuBois is a bit conflicting in my opinion. He begins by asking the Lord for forgiveness on behalf of the black race, and then, he disrespects all sinners. It’s like he’s crying for help while throwing them under the bus. After belittling black people on their actions, he flips the script and talks about white people in the same deregulatory manner. The one quote I do like is, “Cease from Crime! The word was a mockery, for thus they train a hundred crimes while we do cure one.” It makes DuBois seem a little less shallow in my eyes. Dissimilarly, in the Atlanta Compromise Speech by Washington, it’s clear that he is just saying things that are appealing to white people. He encourages black people to better themselves through trade work. Oh yes, work is the main point he focused on. WORK, WORK, WORK. The one thing they both have in common is they put all the blame on black people. DuBois indicates that if you prayed harder, you’d be farther. Washington exclaimed that if you were more crafted or educated, then you would be farther. Neither of them considered or referenced the living hell that black people were experiencing, at the time. It infuriates me.

Thoughts during DuBois’ work:


Thoughts during Washington’s work:

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