W.E.B. DuBois’s passage confused me. He wasn’t about denominational religion and rarely attended church. It didn’t seem like he should’ve been in the book at first. But he had many good points about religion. He described how black people would praise God and attend church, only for when they die to be denied going to Heaven because it’s for white people only. With DuBois being agnostic, I think it was good to include him in this book because you get the picture of someone who is black but also doesn’t believe in God or any other religion.

On page 330, DuBois mentions how black people are seen to be a  “religious animal.” He states that this coincides with “voodoo.” Stereotypically, voodoo is associated with cult-like activities. I feel like DuBois is trying to explain how being seen as a religious black person might affect them in a negative.

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