Davis Walker

David Walker was my favorite of the week. He actually said what I have been waiting for someone to say. He mentioned how the American preachers were preaching something and then totally went back on what they said. Walker discussed the irony of how Christians would send out missionaries to convert the slaves and then when the slaves pray their masters beat them. That personally never made any sense to me. The masters wanted their slaves to convert to Christianity, but also did not want them to pray. I guess they did not want to pray for freedom, but they could at least pray once the work was done.

Walker had written about how Americans can believe in the Bible, but then do or say something that goes against it. Towards the end of this chapter, Walker mentions how Americans need to repent. That was an idea that never crossed my mind. It makes sense for him to say that. Christians do repent if they have committed a sin or something against the Bible. I have never seen or heard that statement before.

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