Garvey is my lifetime goals!

From this week’s reading, I was personally inspired by Marcus Garvey. His question, “Where’s a black man’s government,” made me think about society today. It’s a question that is still relevant. His response was iconic being, “I will help to make them.” He manifested and proclaimed more proper representation for black people, as I aspire to do. He battled with politicians shooting his ideas down, and then he turned that into a reason to establish his own organization. I was so inspired that I headed to youtube for more information on Garvey. I found a fairly recent and informative video on Garvey and his organization.

Also, the AME church’s talk on the world war was identical to the prophecies my mother always told me. “Instead of questioning the truth of Christianity, we should seek out the cause of our defeat and humiliation.” (360) It attacks the common statement that if the Lord loved us, He would not let us experience as many adversities as we have. It intensified the idea that the Lord lets you go through trials to prove your faith. This is a key ideal that my mom, as a minister, has always instilled in the fellowship and me.

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