Speaking in Tongues

I just genuinely find the topic of speaking in tongues so interesting. I’m not sure if speaking in tongues is real or not, as some people say that the speaking in tongues that people do today is very different from the tongues in the New Testament. The people who practice it today believe it to be a divine language, while skeptics say that when God blessed his apostles he gave them the ability to “speak in every language.” Skeptics also say that this gift, and many others ceased with the apostolic age. This obviously brings some doubt to my mind, but it is hard to completely disbelieve when the people that speak in tongues genuinely believe that it is a holy language bought on by the holy spirit. I don’t think they do it for show or on purpose, which leaves me conflicted.

It is also interested that Catholics see speaking in tongues in the same manner as the skeptics, being that it is the ability to communicate in previously unlearned language, but see it as a sign of demonic possession. How did this come to be?



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