Laying the Foundations for Azusa

Azusa was “a phenomenon” that changed a women’s role in the church. Jarena Lee and Amanda Berry Smith went against what other thought to serve God’s call. Going against the social norms and men at that time was unjust. No one was supposed to do it. Richard Allen only saw racism as Lee saw sexism as well. It is one of the many reasons why intersectionality is hard to fight for. Someone else will think that you want something over another, rather than everything. Allen believed that there was no need for female preachers. Lee wanted to preach so much that as a free woman went to places where she could be captured just to spread her word. Lee did not have fear, it seems. She did impress Allen, but while he let her preach he did not let her be ordained. The women of Azusa Street did their best to be able to preach. They went through some extreme cases that no freed person would put themselves through. It was their dedication to the Lord that had do that.

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