Its Hard In These Streets: A History

Rosa Young spoke to me (not literally) because she is the education system, but did it because she wanted to create a school for children “still in the shadow of plantation”and fight the systemic white.  It started with seven children but took a huge increase because of the high demand for parents to want their children educated, but they were in a rural area with little to no resources and so she talks more about her struggle within the piece. As an aspiring educator, it’s already hard enough that I have to go into a messed up school system which is getting more difficult because of who shall not be named but its hard when you want to give children the best and the system is booked against you. She dedicated a lot of time, effort, and money to see this school flourish and a lot doubted her ability, but it paid off. She lead the cause for starting a conversation for inclusion. Every child has a equal opportunity, but it takes a strong spirit to fight so hard for it.

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