Jupiter Hammon “Address to the Negroes in the State of New York”

In the Hammon chapter, I was confused by the calmness of being a slave that he possessed. He seemed so into wanting to make sure that he pleased his master, I kind of understand that because if he works hard he might not get treated so bad. But he believed that being a good slave would make the master also good. And that part just confused me. I did understand what he meant when he mentioned how old slaves would not know how to take care of themselves. Although, I believe that they would to a certain extent. They would be skilled in what they normally do everyday and that could be enough for them to have a job. What got me the most was that Hammon did not want to be free. That just stumped me. The thought of a slave not wanting to be freed is almost unheard. I have heard about slaves that were kind of okay with slavery, but not ones that did not want to be free.


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