Jupiter Hammon

While reading “Address to the Negros in the State of New York” I noticed some similarities between this speech and the “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. A commonality between both speeches is how Dr. King and Hammon express how saddened they are by the troubles their people have been through. Both speeches also advertise using nonviolent methods however the methods that Hammon and Dr. King mention differ in drastic ways. Hammon’s methods are peaceful but seem to not help slaves gain independence from their masters. Most of his methods involve actions like respecting obedience to masters and honestly and faithfulness towards the masters. In Dr. Kings speech, he encourages nonviolent protesting to fight racism, prejudice, and ask for equality in the workplace. These nonviolent methods that Dr. King mentions includes not retaliating to police brutality and violence from other citizens. Between these two speeches there are some similarities but, overall the contrasts seem to outweigh the similarities which could also be due to the difference in time period.

I Have a Dream speech

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