Jupiter Hammon Chapter

I found it interesting that the Jupiter Hammon Chapter he was telling the other slaves what do before he died. I liked how he was very direct on what was being said. The one quote that I thought was interesting, “As was depend upon our masters, for what we eat and drink and wear, and for all our comfortable things in this world, we cannot be happy without pleasing them” (African American Religious History, p 36). I just thought this was strange that some people really believed if they obey their masters they will be good with God. I had a really hard time trying to understand this because Hammon was saying this rules like they were the Ten Commandments. If you all obey your masters and these rules God will love you. It is crazy because slaves either believed their masters had a connection to God or they were deathly terrified of them. For the people who had bad masters if they were told to obey their masters for however they were treated that is difficult to hear. Honestly, I would be upset to hear what Hammon was saying in order for you to have a good life that is confusing. How can one’s actions determine if you go to heaven or hell? If your master is treating you terribly then I would understand why you would want to disobey them. It’s just interesting to see how people thought back then to now. Although today is not as bad in a sense we still have work to do. I always wonder what life would be like if there wasn’t slavery or racism, sexism, or hate.

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