Plantation Churches: Visible and Invisible

In the Peter Randolph selection, when it was mentioned that the Baptists were seen as mostly slaves and lower class whites, I was not surprised. I figured that Baptists would be seen as on the low of Christianity spectrum. But even the white Baptists would only allow the slaves a small section to sit in the church. Once again, it was not surprising but just unfortunate that the people on the lower class side of Christianity spectrum, where it was a majority of black people still had to be second rate for their white Baptist counterparts.

“The Gospel was so mixed with slavery, that the people could see no beauty in it, and feel no reverence for it” (64). This quote made me stop reading and take the time to go through what Randolph meant by this exactly.  I feel like this quote means that the people of Prince George county were so used to hearing the word of God and knowing how that might go against slavery that some put Christianity on the back burner and focused on doing whatever made them happy while the preacher was preaching.

Close to the end it is mentioned how if some slaves were to pray then they would get whipped by their master. It is confusing because some of them just wanted their slaves to be of the same religion as them and others wanted them to believe in God. But the thought of the slave praying for mercy or for the slave master to stop making them work might be why they were not allowed to pray in front of them. the slave master probably thought that it was offensive or that the slave prayed to be free.

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