“Proud of that ‘Ole Time’ Religion”

“You got to know something ’bout the lord to git along anywhere. You don’t know nothing ’bout him? Well you better know him; better learn ’bout him, that’s what’ll help you.” (70) When I first started reading this chapter I found it very interesting that at 12/13 years old it was clear to Sister Kelly that in order to make it through life and all the adversity sacked up against her merely based on the color of her skin she needed to trust and believe in God. Due to this it wasn’t hard for me to believe that the connection she felt with God was as strong as it was especially at that age because I felt a very similar connection myself. ┬áBeing raised in the church has taught me that anything is possible when it comes to God and all that He is capable of. I was taught to never put limitations on Him and how much of an impact He can have. Although, throughout this chapter I felt like Sister Kelly did not recognize the “voices” she was hearing or “spirits” that were surrounding her as godly ones. However, her experience is completely understandable due to the fact that the human brain does not have the ability to comprehend religious experiences without questioning them.

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