Witchcraft and Conjuration

The reading I wanted to focus on most for this blog post was chapter 9 from Sernett, Conjuration and Witchcraft. Something that really jumped out at me was how witchcraft and Christianity seemed to sit at such opposite ends of the spectrum. Based on our previous readings and discussions Christianity was often used to justify slavery, even among the enslaved. Witchcraft and conjuration on the other hand was a rebellion against their enslavement, not only as an attempt to protect themselves but also to give themselves power over their captors.

In the narrative, however Henry Dibb to me seemed to argue that Christianity offered more to slaves as a means of rebellion. The beginning of the passage talks about how the slave masters did not educate their slaves on the bible, even shutting down ways in which slaves could learn about the bible and cherry picking the parts that supported their claims. Witchcraft on the other hand is argued to be harmful to the slaves as it gives them a false sense of security, wastes their money and doesn’t work as advertised.

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