Questions Worth Asking

One of the readings this week had done what something others had not. In A Litany of Atlanta Du Bois openly challenges, momentarily, his own God for seemingly siding with the White race. He asks what the plan is, why they are made to suffer when God must be powerful enough to stop their inequality. It’s an angry moment, and, though he apologizes to God afterwards, it goes against the White school of thought that Black people are automatically religious and are not “smart enough” to question their God and the Bible. He’s calling his God to action and using the examples to convince others of how unholy the actions of the White race are; are the deaths of innocent Black people by the hands of White murderers not enough for divine intervention? Another of his work, Credo also mentions the conquering of Black people by Whites, and says that the Devil is working to restrict the Black race, implying that the White race is being controlled by the Devil. His questions to God are rightfully angry knowing all this. Why wouldn’t a loving, powerful God openly fight the Devil?

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