I thought that the readings this week were really interesting. The only experience I’ve had at all with Santoria is when they mention it in the movie The Hot Chick. I was also really interested to read about voodoo because the only place I’ve seen that is in the beginning of the movie Lilo and Stitch. I was a little bit unsure when the chapter about Santoria was talking about all the numbers. The chapter said, “Shango recognizes the numbers 4 and 6. Numerologists add 4 and 6 to make 10, and then add 1 and 0 to make 1.” I was very confused by this. How does Shango only recognize the numbers 4 and 6? Do other numbers not exist, or are these numbers special for some reason? Why do numerologists add them together to make ten? What is the point of that? Also, couldn’t anyone add 4 and 6 together to make 10? Why mention numerologists? Why do the numerologists add 1 and 0 to make 1? What does that mean? Why those particular numbers? I was just very confused by that section. I thought that it was very interesting to read about the other rituals and ideas of the religion, however.

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