Sernett 14

In Richard Allen’s “Life Experience and Gospel Labors” he discussed how he converted to Methodism at the age of 17. Allen was similar to Hammon in that he also spoke of how well his master treated him. He stated that his master gloated about how his slaves were religious and that made them better.Allen had a strange relationship with his master. he described leaving his master’s home felt like “leaving a father’s” and stating that he was “kind” (141). After Allen settled into his free life, he had no idea how to do hard labor. Which means to me that he worked in the house, rather than the field. The employer probably figured that all slaves know how to work hard outside. Allen has went through different struggles than most black slaves. It seems like the only disagreement that took place was when the Methodists was when the congregation was filled with more white people than black people.


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