Sernett 59

I thought it was interesting how Jones stated in his chapter that there is no black church “in the conventional understanding of the term.” He talks about who there are black congregations and black branches of churches, but no definitive singular black church. I thought this was a point that was really important to bing up because most of the readings we have done this semester refer to a black church like there is a single entity of black religion. However, this obviously is not the case, and it is an important distinction to make. It would be irresponsible to talk about the black church as a whole without fully understanding what that really implies, and what the reality of “the black church” is. As Jones says, “there are denominations, composed of congregations of black persons and under their control, and there are countless free standing congregations, but there is no one entity that can be called the black church.” Jones touches on a point here that no one else really has, which I think is strange because of how significant it is.

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