The Black Power Movement compared to the Black Lives Movement

James E. Cone’s questioning of whether to embrace the Black Power movement mirrors my personal questioning of Black Lives Matters. The Black Power Movement was a rejection of the integration that was the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement. It was a rejection of Martin Luther King Jr.’s strategy of non-violence and the belief and imagery of Jesus being white.┬áPrimarily, it rejected the term “negro.” This controversy of not wanting to lose the support of MLK Jr. is how I felt and still feel about Black Lives Matters. The underlying and empirical movement is justified, but in my opinion, you cannot fight fire with fire. Standing firm and remaining peaceful has better outcomes overall. I find it interesting that even then at the heart of true oppression in the United States people thought the same way I do. When I tell people now that I don’t support some of the motives of Black Lives Matters, I get filthy responses. I could only imagine the struggle.

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