The Rise of Cults

In Miles Mark Fischer’s piece about “Organized Religion and the Cults,” he looks at the rise of cults in African American Culture. I found this part of the reading extremely interesting because the idea of the cult being something of the rise I found interesting. Cults have been around for years in America which I recently learned about in one of my history classes when we read The Kingdom of Matthias .  He said that there were many small cult-like groups popping up around the United States with individual prophets claiming to be healing groups (Sernett, 467). That lead me to question why African Americans started forming religious cults at that point or if it was occurring before, why did it become such an issue then? Cults seemed to be an alternative to the traditional “White” or “Black” churches they had to choose from. It was almost like they went because it was the third option for them when they really had no other options. Fischer looks at cults like they were a bad thing but to me, it seemed like people only went to cults because it allowed them to explore their spirituality instead of just following the traditional things they were forced follow for years.

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