Days of Jubilee

I enjoyed this chapter because it was interesting and informative. I thought the chapter did a good job with explaining the events leading up towards some interracial churches. Henery McNealTurner was a prominent African Methodist Episcopal churchman, missionary, legislator, and newspaper editor in the south and it held thousands of people. I did not like how Turner and other African American leaders did all these amazing things but they were mistreated by other people. Turner and other preachers had to be careful what they would say during service or in newsletters because they would either get beaten badly or threatened. In order for this not to happen, people would stand guard in front of the churches and office building so people would not be able to touch these important figures. I enjoyed this reading because in some parts of the south there would be blacks and whites listening to the same preacher during service and it would not be a problem. I did not like how these people would be threatened or beaten just because of what they believe/say. It makes no sense to me what so ever. Just because people have a different opinion from their own, it does not mean they can hurt someone for it.

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