How Far I’ll Go

In our readings this week, the story that caught my eye the most was the story of Nat Turner. Turner performed a religious vengeance by murdering many white people. Some people uphold him to what he did and others, not so much, calling him a “gloomy fanatic” as stated in the passage. Nat did mention growing up with a religious grandmother who he was close to, so I am sure he took the word of the Lord seriously. Maybe taking it a little too far. But his account had me thinking about how far some people will go religiously. I am sure he did not kill in the name of the Lord but using his interpretation of the reading.

There are many stories of crazed religious leaders and people in general but I feel Christians take it a step further. A popular example is the KKK, who uses context from the Bible to justify their racist, xenophobic, and homophobic ideologies and took it to the next level back in the day by trying to start a racial cleansing.

Sometimes, people get a little too into their religious side and it can harm many and that is the complete opposite of the Bible, at least from the New Testament standpoint. But it is up for debate.

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