Why are Young People Leaving the Church?

In chapter 8 of Sernett’s book, we see a piece written by Sister Kelly. One part of that reading really stood out to me was the part that said “honey, right now, you young folks is blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of God’s name; that can’t last, you gonna change do you hear me? We can’t do no good unless we got God in our heart, and our heads, too.” My whole life, I’ve grown up as a practicing Methodist. My grandpa is a Methodist pastor as well as my uncle and many other family members who were very involved in the church. At big family get-togethers, there normally comes a time where my family debates religion and why “Young People” are not as involved anymore. Both my cousins and I aren’t as involved in the church as we used too so it often is more of an attack on myself and my cousins. Sister Kelly’s words really stood out to me because it reminded me of those debates.

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